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Kia Lincolnwood Battery Service

Stop by Kia of Lincolnwood for battery services and testing, it’s best not to wait until your battery dies or is in critical condition. Our Kia-certified technicians will perform a speedy battery test to determine the health and operational capacity of your batter alongside a visual inspection to make sure cables and connections are working as they should.

During your battery test and inspection, we will review points and terminals for potential leaking and deterioration. Checking your battery cables for damage or corrosion will help guarantee that your battery will be reliable and safe for the moments you need them most. During our inspection, we’ll confirm that your battery shows zero signs of damage and ensure that you can enjoy an ongoing stable connection.

Importance of Battery Inspections & Replacements

Over time batteries naturally will begin to lose their charge which will weaken your battery’s overall output and performance reliability. Large fluctuations in temperature can also cause batteries to become more susceptible to draining and deterioration. Routine battery inspections help maintain the soundness and stability of your battery’s power. By checking twice a year during your oil change, you can help prevent further damages and ensure a clean battery area.

Battery Dying Warning Signs

It can seem difficult to know when the right time is to replace your Kia battery. But Kia of Lincolnwood’s Service Center will check your battery during your routine oil inspection. So you’ll know the approximate life expectancy of your battery so you know when the right time will be to replace it. Some common warning sign you’ll be able to notice yourself includes: 

  • Kia ignition won’t start
  • Dimmer interior and exterior lights
  • Display or air conditioner malfunctions

How to Test your Kia Car Battery

Here’s how to test the voltage of your Kia’s car battery:

  1. Turn off your Kia vehicle and all of its accessories. Accessories include any interior or exterior lighting and the car radio.
  2. Set your multimeter to 20V DC.
  3. Place the red positive multimeter lead on the battery’s positive terminal (indicated by a + symbol or red cover). 
  4. Place the black negative multimeter lead on the battery’s negative terminal. 
  5. Read the outputted measurement on the multimeter. If you are getting a reading of fewer than 12.4 volts then you may need to charge the vehicle’s battery.

Kia of Lincolnwood Battery Service Benefits

Here at Kia of Lincolnwood, our commitment to customers continues far after your drive your new Kia off the lot. We have skilled and qualified service technicians and the equipment needed to handle all of your questions and concerns when it comes to maintaining and inspecting your Kia battery. Kia of Lincolnwood is your best bet when it comes to Kia service expertise, at other service locations, you run the risk of them not having the right parts or equipment needed to treat your vehicle in stock. We offer easy scheduling and above and beyond quality service. 

Alongside Battery service and inspections, Kia of Lincolnwood offers tire rotation and changes, oil change service, brake services, and other various services to keep you safe and happy in your Kia vehicle. When you choose to service with us, you’re guaranteed competitive, up-front pricing, quality service and repairs, timely service appointments, and service specials. Additional reasons to choose Kia of Lincolnwood for your next service or repair include:

  • Qualified service technicians
  • Genuine OEM parts
  • Order parts online 
  • Schedule service online

Battery Service FAQs

A battery’s lifespan will depend on several factors, on average a battery can last five or more years depending on usage.

Most manufacturers recommend that you get your battery tested at least twice per year. In colder areas, battery fluctuations and drainage are more common so it’s important to inspect your battery before and after winter.

Batteries can be damaged or drained when you leave your lights on, if intense weather fluctuations occur, if there is ongoing corrosive damage, in the presence of charging issues, and more.

The average cost of a battery can range from around $300.

  • Brake Inspection and Repair
  • Tire rotation
  • Fluid and tire check
  • A/C and Heating Inspection
  • Transmission flushing and repair
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Battery test
  • Engine checkup

Kia-certified technicians have been specially trained to understand and operate on Kias, knowing all their features, parts, and manufacturer recommendations. Additionally, Kia-certified technicians will always work with your warranty to ensure you’re always covered and only getting original parts.

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